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Aug 06, 2021 Blog

Crime & Bail Bonds in Birmingham AL

Birmingham is a popular city in the state of Alabama in the United States. Compared with the state of Alabama and most other states in the U.S., Birmingham is relatively unsafe, with relatively higher crime rates. According to the Neighborhood Scout, there are 18.93 violent crimes per 1, 000 residents in Birmingham, while Alabama’s average is 5.11 violent crimes per 1, 000 residents. The national median for violent crime figures is 4, which makes Birmingham a relatively higher crime area. This makes bail bonds Birmingham AL very important for those who have been arrested for whatever reason, as they need to get out of jail fast and resume their normal daily lives.

The property crime rate is also relatively high in Birmingham compared with Alabama and even the United States in general. There are 62.17 property crimes per 1, 000 residents in Birmingham and 26.74 per 1, 000 residents in Alabama, whereas the national median is 21 per 1, 000 residents.

In high crime areas such as Birmingham, Alabama, the demand for bail bonds is often higher compared to areas with low crime rates. This explains why the bail bond business is a booming one today. Getting locked up is definitely a scary situation for most people. When you have been arrested for traffic violations, all you want to do is get out of jail as fast as you can and resume your job and other activities of your daily life. However, this is often not possible in some situations, as the defendant may lack the cash bail required to secure his or her release. In such a situation, your next best available option is often bail bonds.

Bail bonds are somewhat complicated and confusing. However, working with a bonding agency can provide you with all the useful information you need to make informed decisions. The best part about bail bonds is that even if you’re unable to make payment on the full amount set by the court, a Birmingham bondsman can help you to secure the release of a friend or family member. All you have to do is understand how bail bonds work, agree to the terms and conditions, and pay the bond fee, which is usually 10 percent of the bail amount. If you have any doubts regarding how bail bonds work in Birmingham, Alabama, you can consult a qualified bonding agency to provide you with the answers you need.